What's in it for you?

Apart from great commissions.

We provide you with full support through the use of state-of-the-art affiliate software.

- Easy and fast onboarding

- 90 Days cookie duration

- Payment within 7 days from the customer payment received

- Real-time performance monitoring

- Access to marketing materials

- Exclusive discount on DEMO units

Commission Tiers

SILVER (Default) - 10% Commission - for each successful payment we receive from customers you referred on all Digital Wall Displays ONLY.
*Excludes DAKboard Installed CPU

GOLD - 15% Commission - once you exceed 5 successful payments we receive from customers you referred on all Digital Wall Displays ONLY.
*Excludes DAKboard Installed CPU

How does this work?

Its as easy as 1...2...3...

We use a software called Affiliatly, which you must register with. Once your registration has been approved (please note that the approval process is generally carried out within 24 hours but can take up to 7 days in some cases), you will gain access to the Affiliatly Dashboard, where you will have an overview of your performance, such as sales to date, commissions earned, etc. You will also be provided with a personal link which can be shared on your website/social media/blogs/etc. The use of this link is how sales of Bella Linda - SMART DISPLAYS and its commissions are recorded. The link will direct customers to bellalinda.com.au website, where customers can access payments such as Credit Card, G Pay, ApplePay, or 4 interest-free payments with AfterPay. Additionally, you will gain access to Bella Linda Marketing Material for use on your website/social media/blogs/etc.
With NO FINANCIAL COMMITMENT required from you, all we ask is that you promote the Bella Linda - SMART DISPLAY brand! We take care of the rest.

Terms of Service

As an authorised Affiliate of Bella Linda, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Please read the entire Agreement, found on the SIGN-UP page, carefully before registering and promoting Bella Linda as an Affiliate.
Your participation in the Program is solely to legally advertise our website to receive a commission on products purchased by individuals referred to Bella Lina by your own website or personal referrals.
By signing up for the Bella Linda Affiliate Program, you indicate your acceptance of this Agreement and its terms and conditions.

Have more questions 

Send us an Email at info@bellalinda.com.au